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Eight IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market

Dear colleagues,

As you know, University of Donja Gorica is one of the first student entrepreneurship supporters in Montenegro. In accordance with this, and guided by the Professor's equation, where the student's ability is equal to the knowledge gained multiplied by the intensity of living squared (S = z * i²), this year

Student Business Center in cooperation with the "Freedom & Entrepreneurship" foundation, continues its, now traditional, entrepreneurially-oriented projects, which are, every year, more and more, showing that luck really follows the ready ones!

IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market is place where the “Supply” and “Demand” encounter

Once again, we are giving you the opportunity, depending on how much you are ready, to test your luck by intertwining nice and useful through VIII IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market!

On the „Supply” side can be your ideas, which can be licitated by the “demand”, represented by companies and institutions willing to invest in new business ideas.

Depending on the quality of ideas, which should present synergy of your courage and creativity, the best 11 will have the opportunity to be presented to the "demand" on the Day of Europe - May 09, 2018.

Traditionally, after the presentation comes quotation for the ideas.

The best 30 ideas will also be presented in the eight edition of the book "Book of ideas." It is important to emphasize that the book carries the message that the burden of success lies not only within the best 11 ideas, but in many other great ideas, in which the representatives of the "demand" will also be able to invest even though the ideas itself will not be presented.

In 2016. foundation “Freedom & Entrepreneurship was established with the aim to aspire young individuals to turn their ideas in the profitable businesses , and help them through the process . The money provided by the “Demand” will be paid on the Foundation’s account first, which will immediately upon payment transfer 50% of the funds to the idea owners, while the other 50% will be paid to the owners of the ideas on the day when they establish their companies. The deadline for this establishment is 24 months from the date of the first 50% fund transfer .

If within this period company is not established, foundation retains this amount and directs its elsewhere, in order to support the other established companies, which applied for foundation’s financial aid. This will be discussed in more detail on the VIII IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market.

Likewise, awards from the VII IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market will be officially announced at this year's IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market - 09th May 2018, for all the companies which were established in the meantime, and whose business ideas were presented on some of the previous IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market.

UDG, as the initiator of the competitions based on the rules of fair, open-market competitions, once again opens the call for high school and university students from both, Montenegro and Europe, until April, 15th 2018. You can apply via website: Apply.

NB :
Members of Student Business Center (SBC) are entitled to free consultations regarding their business ideas and any application issue they have. Please submit your consultation inquiry on e-mail:
In case you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bear in mind that your ideas are starting point for the history of the future of all of us, so we invite you to apply, and thus make a quality introduction to entrepreneurial life that awaits you.

To put it simple, since it is impossible to live only from the enthusiasm, maybe you should come and not only earn money, but also find business partners – and so gain the initial capital for your business?

Best regards,

IDEALAND – Business ideas exchange market – UDG
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第八届 IDEALAND – 商业思想交流市场Application idea


如你所知,下戈里察大学致力于支持黑山学生创业的发展。 根据这一点,在“教授方程”的指导下,也就是 - 学生的能力等于获得的知识乘以生活经验的平方(S = z *i²),今年学生商务中心与 "Freedom & Entrepreneurship" 基金会(“自由与企业精神”基金会)延续其现在已经传统的、以企业为导向的项目。这些项目每年越来越多,因此真的是可以表明幸运垂青于勇者!

IDEALAND – 商业思想交流市场是“供应”和“需求”相遇的地方

再次我们给你提供机会,通过第八届IDEALAND - 商业思想交流市场,来测试你的运气!要看你自己准备好了没有,把好的和有用的混合在一起!


所有的想法应该表现出你的勇气和创造力的协同作用,之后根据想法的质量,最好的11位选手将有机会于欧洲日 - 2018年5月9日,向“需求”方展示自己的项目。



"Freedom & Entrepreneurship" 基金会(“自由与企业精神”基金会)成立于2016年,主要目的是让年轻人把自己的想法变成可以赚钱的具体项目,并帮助他们完成这整个过程。 “需求”方提供的资金将首先支付到基金会的账户上,这笔款项的50%将立即转让给想法的创造者,而另外的50%基金将在该学生成立自己公司之日给他支付。 从第一次收到50%的资金之日,学生必须在24个月内成立自己的企业。

如果在这段时间内公司没有成立,基金会将保留这一数额并利用于其它地方,以支持申请基金会资助的其他已建立的公司。这将在IDEALAND - 商业思想交流市场上进行更详细的讨论。

下戈里察大学,作为以公平和公开市场规则为基础的竞赛的发起者,再次邀请来自黑山和欧洲的高中和大学生参加比赛。 截至2018年4月15日,你可以通过网站报名: 报名.


简单来说,既然不可能只靠热心过日子,你就挑战自己并报名,除了赚钱的机会,还可以认识未来的商业伙伴 - 这样才能为你的企业获得最初的资本,对吧?

第八届 IDEALAND – 商业思想交流市场
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