Faculty of Arts

Fifth in a row, accredited and licensed faculty, the University of Donja Gorica Faculty of Arts (Studies of Modern and Contemporary Theory of Art), with its original concept, the first one in Montenegro, with other faculties that have already been run, makes the UDG a "wreath of knowledge" ,more challenging and more prestigious.
The University of Donja Gorica, recognized on the Montenegrin market for science and education by its authentic content and quality, in the name of resistance towards unprofitable, condemned to local ranks, spiritual and scientific apathy, in short, everything that demonstrates powerlessness to the challenges of the modern world, the launch of the Faculty of Arts creates a creative space for the students of a lucid and cognitive spirit, who, with the help of not only prominent professors from the country and abroad, but also with the direct presence of renowned artists, bearers of new, great ideas of contemporary creativity, decipher the zodiac of the time in which we live.
The Faculty of Arts is a higher education institution, founded with a primary goal to realize basic and postgraduate studies in the field of modern and contemporary art, but also to organize other forms of education from those areas where the need arises in the process of permanent education. In order to have a critical attitude about contemporary art, one must first define its notion first.
The aim of this study program is to enable students :
- to use theoretical knowledge acquired at the Faculty of Arts,
- to present ideas, problems and solutions,
- to collect and integrate relevant data in order to solve the problems they will encounter in their professional work.
In addition, students will be encouraged to develop a sense of living, free prejudice and subjective assessments of the values ​​they live in, to learn to make conclusions, seek new solutions, be innovative and more difficult to succeed. Organizing travels, seminars, participating in international competitions and events that summarize the reflections of great ideas are just some of the extra-curricular activities that will be organized at the Faculty of Arts.

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