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International conferences at UDGtitle

International conferences at UDG

<p class="tinymce left" style="text-align: left;">1. Free Market Road Show, topic: &ldquo;<em>The world after BREXIT and Trump</em>&rdquo;, 21.04.2017. (<a href="http://freemarket-rs.com/event/fmrs-podgorica" target="_blank">http://freemarket-rs.com/event/fmrs-podgorica</a>/)</p> <p class="tinymce left" style="text-align: left;">2. The 14th European Resource Bank Meeting, 21.04. to 23.04.2017. (<a href="http://europeanresourcebank.org/" target="_blank">http://europeanresourcebank.eu/</a>)</p> <p class="tinymce left" style="text-align: left;">3. Baltic Management Development Association 15th Annual Conference,&nbsp;topic: &ldquo;<em>You do not have to be BIG to be successful</em>&rdquo;, 26.04. to 28.04.2017. (<a href="../../bmdaconference" target="_blank">http://www.udg.edu.me/bmdaconference</a>)</p> <p class="tinymce left" style="text-align: left;">4. MECAS- Mediterranean Economy, Culture, Architecture and Security conference, topic: &ldquo;<em>Mediterranean Economy, Culture, Architecture and Security</em>&rdquo;, 19. to 20.05.2017. &nbsp;(<a href="../../mecasconference" target="_blank">http://www.udg.edu.me/mecasconference</a>)</p>
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Faculty for Culture i Tourism

Faculty for Culture and Tourism (FKT) was established in 2014 as part of the University of Donja Gorica. FKT is a result of the necessity to link tourism and culture in a small country like Montenegro. The concept of cultural tourism is on the rise in contemporary development trends regarding tourism demand and supply in the world, which will certainly affect the development of Montenegrin tourism as well.

The key idea of the Faculty for Culture and Tourism is: How to encourage, undeniably talented and intelligent young people from Montenegro, to develop a sense for the valorization of natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage of the area and to enrich the tourist offer through the development of their own business? The idea is to help them to get rid of many prejudices and stereotypical middle values that prevent the global trend. And as they develop the courage to make decisions, seek new solutions and be innovative, FKT tries to encourage them to develop moral standards required for business success.

Starting point for the establishment of the Faculty for Culture and Tourism is the understanding of tourism and tourism activities as a means and mechanism of valorization of the cultural and historical heritage of an area. How to offer a cultural product of our national culture to the wider tourist market?