This academic year, UDG will continue to support you in turning your aspirations into plans. So in the future, if the world seems much smaller to you, perhaps your ambitions have grown. That's possible because the partnership between the University of Donja Gorica and Arizona State University significantly improves the quality of your education and the conditions that put you on equal footing with peers from highly developed countries. With a comprehensive approach to study, intensive student life, and career-oriented curricula, you will have the opportunity to become a citizen of a global community where knowledge and personal skills are valued.

And no matter which side of the world you look at, you can plan your future more confidently.

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think globally.

The University of Donja Gorica (UDG) is a unique interdisciplinary higher education institution. Located in Podgorica, we provide a world-class education that encourages motivation and creates opportunities for local talent throughout the region. Because of our partnership with Arizona State University, you can acquire knowledge and follow paths long proven in global practice. With an innovative model and European study conditions, diverse student networks, participation in real-world projects, the opportunity to study in America, and a variety of scholarships, you have the chance to steadily climb the knowledge ladder to excellent career prospects once you enrol.

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UDG powered by ASU:
Because in the knowledge we are one nation

Knowledge is the universal engine of the world in which we live. It is as big as an ocean, but this comparison sometimes has a literal meaning: when physical water gets in the way of plans and dreams. With some of the best universities in the world located in the United States, our partnership with Arizona State University is a bridge that allows you to better plan for your successful future. We have always been proud of young talents from across the region. That's why we have made it our mission to facilitate access to knowledge, modern learning methods and a new way of thinking.

What are you thinking about,
what do you want to enrol?
What are you thinking about,
what do you want to enrol?
Undergraduate studies
  • Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business
  • Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies
  • Faculty of Polytechnics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Humanistic studies – Diplomacy and Security / European Studies / Communication and Media
  • Faculty for Culture and Tourism – Culture and Tourism / Chinese studies
  • Faculty of Arts – History and theory of art
  • Faculty for Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology
  • Faculty of Design and Multimedia – Graphic design / Fashion design / Film and media
  • International hotel industry and management
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences – Geodesy / Psychology / Mathematics / Electrical engineering and computing
  • Faculty of Philology – English language and literature
  • Faculty of Sports Management
The partnership that does what learning promises

Thanks to its partnership with Arizona State University, UDG offers a unique educational model with a wide range of new academic opportunities for students. An innovative approach to study, focused and career-oriented curricula, real-world project experience, and challenge-solving with experts from diverse industries open a global perspective and increase your competitiveness in the modern job market. The international networking of students, who exchange experiences as equal global citizens, contributes to an even higher quality of higher education.

From preference to scholarship: student exchange and financial aid

During your stay at the University of Donja Gorica, you can study at prestigious universities around the world because through the Erasmus+ program, we have established cooperation with more than 50 academic institutions across Europe. Also, and according to your achievements, you have a valuable opportunity to complete one study year abroad because UDG is a partner of numerous universities from England, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, America and China. We also offer our students scholarships for stays at universities or research centres. For the academic year 2023/2024 alone, the University of Donja Gorica will allocate around 430,000 Euros for scholarships.

European conditions unconditionally for you

UDG is known as an entrepreneurial university with educational conditions that meet the highest EU standards. As a UDG student, you can use the following sports facilities: Swimming pool, basketball, football and tennis courts. You will also have access to a library open 24/7, state-of-the-art research laboratories, a film studio, a gym, a student club, a student business centre, an entrepreneurial nest and many other facilities that will provide you with a comprehensive study and an unforgettable student life.

Check out the opportunities offered by the Erasmus
Career Catalyst courses: free and priceless
Take advantage of the opportunity to attend the inspiring Career Catalyst courses as a UDG student. Free of charge, these courses are nevertheless valuable as they introduce you to the world of continuous development and acquisition of new skills. Developed by leading experts at Arizona State University, these programs improve your knowledge, attitude and future career success.
ASU Cintana
Summer Experience

Join students from around the world at Arizona State University (ASU) for a two-week program on Sustainable and Innovative Solutions! With interactive workshops, inspiring lectures, hands-on activities and impressive lecturer experiences, you will learn more about innovative entrepreneurial ventures in sustainable development in the 21st century. Thanks to an unforgettable stay on the ASU campus and active participation in English-language workshops, you will expand your network of acquaintances and improve your communication skills for future academic and career success.

Dual degrees,
a unique opportunity

Depending on the faculty you choose, the lectures you attend will be supplemented by courses and materials available through the Arizona State University repository. In addition, new dual UDG & ASU degree programs are in development.

Interesting programs for you
Faculty for Food Technology,
Food Safety and Ecology

The forming of this UDG faculty represents a response to the global problem of food availability around the globe. At the same time, we are witnessing the dynamic development of the food industry in Montenegro during the last decade, which indicates the need to improve knowledge in all areas related to the food chain.

According to the UDG tradition, the value and quality of this teaching program reflect in capacities for solving problems, with essential understanding and reaching top competence in food production, safety and quality, along with environmental issues.

Electrical Engineering
and Computing Program

This program at the Faculty of Applied Science offers a multidimensional approach to work, a broad theoretical basis and intensive practical experience, with participation in multidisciplinary projects in the country and abroad. The program encloses working in small groups and mentoring from the beginning of the studies. Practical work includes the application of electrical engineering and computing in the development of agriculture, tourism, health, renewable energy and other environmental issues. Through common disciplines such as Economics and Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Religion and Mythology, and Philosophy of Science and Art, you get a much broader basis for the development of creativity, a critical attitude and a proper approach to scientific and research work, with readiness for continuous growth and adaptability to new technologies.

In new study programs, students will get professional internships, the possibility of gaining international experience, research stays and practical work on international projects. Maybe you are among them?

Support for international students
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior is in charge of processing visa requests of foreign students. Detailed information on the visa regime for foreign citizens, the visa application form and the explanation of the entire procedure for obtaining the visa can be found as the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
University of Donja Gorica will provide support during the visa and registration process.
And more support
As it regards the support services for our international students, we are pleased to inform
you that all services will be offered in English.
This includes
Student Services Department
Provides information regarding admission and documentation needed.
International Relations Office
Supports and helps in finding a proper accommodation, provides general information about studying in Montenegro, organizes orientation activities and closely follows the experience of our international students by providing support throughout the process.
Center for Foreign Languages
Provides help to international students who wish to get acquainted with Montenegrin language. Thorough specially designed courses, students have chance to get acquainted not just with language, but also with the culture and history of Montenegro.
Only library in Montenegro that operates on a 24/7 basis. It has over 10 000 titles, including those in Montenegrin, English and several other languages. Also, it has desktop computers available to all visitors.
For each of these departments, a contact person will be assigned, who will be in communication with students on a regular basis.
UDG Students' Experiences: From Knowledge to the Profession
Yes, it's possible. Look at some of the experiences of UDG's successful students.
“The full scholarship and the knowledge I gained thanks to the great professors helped me to manage my new studies in Milan quickly and easily, together with colleagues coming from different parts of the world.”
Jelena Radosavović,
Master's student at Politecnico di Milano
“Today I work as a financial analyst in the team of the CFO of Romanian Telecom. At UDG I acquired the necessary knowledge and developed skills that have helped me a lot in my business life. At UDG, students' hard work and dedication are recognized and supported on their way to success.”
Stefan Kekić,
Diploma in Economics at the University of Donja Gorica
“All the knowledge and skills I gained during my studies have helped me a lot in my further development. I recommend all UDG students to take advantage of all the possibilities and opportunities that this university offers them, because it will surely pay off.”
Miloš Stevović,
Master's student at the Humboldt University of Berlin
“During the four years I spent at UDG, I had the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and to do internships in different companies and on real projects. All this allowed me to obtain a scholarship and enrol in a Master's program in Bari at the Centre for Agricultural Research. I recommend new students to become part of the history of the future as part of UDG.”

Angela continued her doctoral studies in Milan

Anđela Martinović,
doctoral student at the University of Milan
“At the moment, I live in Prague and have been working for the Generali insurance company for five years. I have fond memories of my student days at UDG because I studied there, made a lot of contacts, travelled and had nice experiences... The knowledge and skills I acquired allowed me to advance quickly. I can freely say that I owe a large part of my success to what the professors at UDG taught me.”
Jovan Radunović,
master's degree at the International Faculty of Economics, Finance and Business