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Are you a high school student and want to get acquainted with the latest trends and technologies?

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Meet, create, program and create in the spirit of the new age and modern technologies!

Who can participate?

Open Mind Academy is intended for high school students. III and IV year students of all high schools have the right to apply. It is possible to apply only for one of the offered schools.
Cooperation with professors and associates of the University of Donja Gorica. Participants are expected to work on exciting projects, based on the latest trends and technologies, and the acquired knowledge will enable them to more easily build their future in one of the areas they choose with this program.

Dates of the academy

Trainings within the Academy will be organized in the period from <span class="bold">April 20th to May 15th</span>, lasting 2-3 weeks. These include online lectures with a two-day stay and intensive training at the University


University Donja Gorica


Student Business Center

The following trainings will be held

BYFTech training (Build your future with technology) consists of two parts. The first unit will be held online and will include lectures on the application of 3D technology and the opportunities it provides. The workshop also includes an elementary introduction to form and form in architecture, as well as engineering logic during modeling. The second unit involves practical work in the ProDe laboratory: 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing. As part of the practical part, students will, in teams, according to the given project task, create a solution model in one of the 3D design software, which will then print on 3D printers Neo and Rep Rap.
Coordinators: Bojana Sterniša, MA and Šemso Kalač, MA
Participants in this training will gain the opportunity to work in one of the most current areas of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing (NLP), which aims to analyze text (social networks, news, books, etc.) and make decisions from them. The focus will be on analyzing trends from social networks (e.g. Twitter) where attendees will collect real-time data and later analyze the same to find trends, feelings (positive or negative), and the like. This information is crucial for companies to analyze real-time marketing campaigns, new product launches, market research, etc.
Coordinators: doc. Dr. Armin Alibašić
Participants in this training will gain basic knowledge in the field of game creation. Special areas that will be elaborated within the training are the areas of algorithms and programming, development environment setting, objective-oriented programming, Python games, machine learning and the like.
Coordinators: Stevan Šandi, MA, and Stevan Čakić, MA
Participants in this training will receive answers to questions such as: How to take photos as a professional using a drone? How to optimize drone settings to make your photos look like the ones on the covers of world magazines? How do you edit your photos in Lightroom? The course covers the basic concepts related to drone piloting, but also the drone industry in general: What does it take to become a drone pilot? What do you need to know before launching your drone? How is a drone maintained and serviced? As part of the course, all participants will have the opportunity to test their knowledge on the modern Phantom Advanced Pro 4 drone.
Coordinators: Stevan Šandi, MA, and Stevan Čakić, MA
For all high school students who are interested in biological, microbiological or chemical analysis, or who are interested in laboratory work, this training will offer the opportunity to get acquainted with the work in laboratories from a theoretical and practical basis. The training will consist of two parts. The first part will be lectures that will be held online (zoom). The second part includes a stay at the University, ie the Faculty of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology (two days). The goal of the school is for students to get acquainted with the ways of functioning of the laboratory, good laboratory practice and work in the laboratory (chemical and microbiological), but also to get acquainted with the field of food quality and safety. Students will eventually receive certificates of school attendance.
Coordinators: Amil Orahovac and Andrea Milačić
This training will enable participants to master the basics of communication skills and creative expression. Communication and the digital landscape mean looking at the way we exchange messages, interact with other people, learn, work, travel, explore in the age of the fourth information revolution. Social networks and numerous other digital platforms are an extension of our identity and our everyday life. Every day, the digital environment and the world of creative industries are becoming more complex, the number of participants and information is becoming more complex, and the world needs innovative solutions that will help us express ourselves in this information "noise" in the right way. To be original and unique. We are not numbers, we are human and we deserve a future tailored to man. Is it worth fighting for?
Coordinators: Prof. dr Nenad Vujadinović, Milica Šaranović and Milica Šćepanović