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“Values, what values?” @ UDG, Podgoricatitle

“Values, what values?” @ UDG, Podgorica

<p>On May 7, 2018, the Free Market Road Show was be held at the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica.</p> <p>Topic of this year&rsquo;s FMRS is &ldquo;Values, what values?&rdquo;.</p> <p>This year, the conference in Podgorica gathered around 350 participants, among which many young people and students who have shown interest to hear free market thinkers, experts, scientists on liberal economic thought and local hot topics covered within two panels.</p>
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Faculty of Design and Multimedia

Faculty of Design and Multimedia


Fashion design: Fast andinevitableprocess ofglobalization calls forthebeginning of the developmentof this field of study in Montenegro as well, and with it thedevelopmentof special andadequateprofessionaltraining also.This isthe main reason whythe Faculty of Designand Multimediain its program,which was createdaccording tothe needs ofthe modern consumer society,gavespecialimportanceto the fashion design.Studies offashion designatour faculty arebased onpractical andtheoreticalmethods, whichallows the creationof future professionals-fashion designers.Supportthis facultycame from manyfamous Montenegrinandworld designerswhowillbeengagedin teaching,such as:doc.AleksandarNoshpal,TijanaTodorovic, MarinaBanovicand others.

Graphic and multimedia design: The term graphic and multimedia design can be found in almost all artistic and professional disciplines, with a special focus on visual communication and messages in the context of creating and placing symbols, characters, images, words, ideas or messages. Faculty of Design and Multimedia with its department Mutliemdial-graphic design completes a unit called "visual communication", which is part of the context of the applied arts. Its justification is based on the need to define the visual problems in Montenegro. Graphic and multimedia design will be a combination of theory and practice, which will enable young people to do the work of designers. Support for the establishment of the Faculty and readiness to convey their knowledge to younger generations came from Branko Baletić, doc. Mr. Lazo Tripkov and others.

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