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UDG Business Challenge

<p>From 16<sup>th</sup> to 18<sup>th</sup> January, 2019. , NGO Student Business Centre, in collaboration with UDG, organized a competition named &ldquo;Business Challenge&rdquo;. This project, formerly called &ldquo;School of entrepreneurship and innovations&rdquo; has been successfully implemented for nine years at UDG, which is the main partner and general sponsor. Traditionally, the Business Challenge was opened by the UDG Rector, Veselin Vukotic.</p> <p>This year, &ldquo;Business Challenge&rdquo; gathered 149 high school seniors from all over Montenegro. The deadline for the application for the project was 25<sup>th</sup> December, where the applicants had to respond to the topic called &ldquo;Me on top of my business career&rdquo;. The candidates expressed their ideas in a variety of ways &ndash; essay writing, drawings, photographs and poetry. &nbsp;The best ones had the opportunity, together with their peers, to listen to lectures and follow presentations of eminent experts in different fields.&nbsp;</p>
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Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies

Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies was founded in 2008, and currently has around 150 students on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

One of the main concepts of studies at the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies is interdisciplinarity. The initial premise of such an approach is an understanding that just as “economy can’t be explained by economy alone”, so the information technology knowledge should be acquired for the purposes of direct application and facilitation of solving the real-life business problems. Those studies are for high-school graduates who want to have an entrepreneurial approach towards their own knowledge and skills. Thus, at UDG, we are creating enabling conditions and raising the quality of teaching so that students can acquire knowledge, skills and character that enable him/her to work in any country of the world, not only Montenegro. The current generation of students will retire in 50-60 years. No one knows what will happen and what will change in the world until then. But it is certain that such a vortex increasingly requires not only technologies, but fundamental and interdisciplinary knowledge. To graduate high-school students, this Faculty will offer knowledge that will have practical applicability in all areas of business. The knowledge of informatics and IT technologies is sought in the market especially in the fields of economy and business. The job market requires economists with knowledge in the area of information technologies or IT specialists who are able to apply their knowledge directly to economy and business. The Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies will educate young people in a way to enable them to meet such demands of the job market. Those studies will at the same time ensure good positioning of students at the international job market. The program of the studies is compatible with similar programs of many European and world universities, primarily with the study program for Information Technologies at the University of Albany in the State of New York.

Dean: Ph.D. Prof. Milica Vukotic

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