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“Values, what values?” @ UDG, Podgoricatitle

“Values, what values?” @ UDG, Podgorica

<p>On May 7, 2018, the Free Market Road Show was be held at the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica.</p> <p>Topic of this year&rsquo;s FMRS is &ldquo;Values, what values?&rdquo;.</p> <p>This year, the conference in Podgorica gathered around 350 participants, among which many young people and students who have shown interest to hear free market thinkers, experts, scientists on liberal economic thought and local hot topics covered within two panels.</p>
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Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business

Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business was founded in 2007. The School has around 400 students on graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

The strategic goal of student education was and remains to be the increase in the quality of knowledge and rising of the international reputation. The key principles for achieving this strategic aim include:

a)      Contemporariness – knowledge that follows development megatrends (“Think globally, act locally”)

b)      Practical approach – the knowledge that develops the ability for rapid identification of problems and their efficient solving (“Theory is the best practice”)

c)      Flexibility – develop abilities and interests for following the changes (“The change is the only constant in economy and business”)

d)     Interdisciplinarity – acquisition of knowledge and development of skills for understanding the study areas

e)      Individuality – development of students’ abilities to manage his/her own freedom and ability to take personal responsibility

Dean: Ph.D. Prof. Maja Drakic Grgur

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