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utorak, 5. septembar 2023.


ERASMUS + CBHE project

Western Balkan entrepreneurial university alliances – keeping in touch for lifelong relations – AL4LIFE



The AL4LIFE project aims to create competences-oriented education and innovation to strengthen students and universities growth and competitiveness, through involvement of alumni in teaching process and modernisation of learning objectives. Enhancing connections between WBC HEIs and business sector and establishing business and new business networks, while enabling collaborative opportunities, knowledge transfers and partnerships between industry and universities, creating conditions for better employability of graduates, capitalise with well-established and string alumni structure at HEIs. Consequently, greater openness of HEIs to industry and market needs is achieved, especially at still greatly traditional Western Balkan higher education system.

The project objectives will be achieved with systematic involvement of alumni in teaching, mentoring and research at HEIs, with more practical training and competences-oriented education harmonized with labour market needs and organization of career support program for students, their professional development and recruitment. With close cooperation with alumni and industry, each WBC HEI will enhance research capacities and it commercialization, facilitated by Research Chair that will be established for linking the research excellence with innovative potential of industry and mobilising the industry funding for top-notch research and market-based innovations through Alumni Scholarships Clubs. To expand WB HEIs management and inclusion of alumni in their teaching and research activities reform of operational regulation is needed and will be important part of AL4LIFE activities.

The general objective of the project is to enhance employability of students in the WBC, thus meeting the market needs and boosting innovation capacities of national economies. The main tool for achieving this objective is greater inclusion of practical teaching/education and development of competences that will strengthen their preparedness for the labour market.

Partners on the project are: University of Montenegro, University Donja Gorica, University of Mitrovica, International Business College Mitrovica, University of Bologna, Autonomous University of Madrid and University of Ljubljana.