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utorak, 20. april 2021.


Digital Entrepreneurial Nest and Industry 4.0 in Montenegro (DigN€st)

Lead by modern development of information and communication technologies, the entire economy at the global level is in the process of transition to the digital age, so we can say that the 4th industrial revolution is unfolding worldwide, opening up new horizons driven by new-generation digital technologies. Digital research centres and universities have a key leading role in the process of integrating digital innovations into economic entities, strengthening cooperation between national and international economies, capable to provide expert knowledge and support to their local industries, as well as to help them to cooperate with innovators, investors and customers all across Europe and globally.


The DigN€st project is focused on modernizing higher education institutions in Montenegro, through strengthening its own capacities, improving and enhancing cooperation with the business sector in order to more effectively integrate digital technologies and innovative services with special focus on priority areas of food safety and health, as well as increasing visibility, internationalization and efficient digitalization of Montenegrin economic capacities.


Key project results are focused on:

  • Creation of the National Academic Digital Hub through the integration activities of Digital Entrepreneurial Nest (University of Donja Gorica) and Center for Digital Support (University of Montenegro);
  • Enhancement and development of three basic sets of services within National Academic Digital Hub: Digital Education; Digital Business Support and Innovation and Collaboration
  • Creating digital services by encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of innovative ideas among students in Montenegro, with the mentoring support of partner institutions from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia, and their implementation and integration into Montenegrin busines sector;
  • Development of innovative teaching methods and practice, and their integration within innovative curricula, providing sustainable education in accordance with the requirements of industry 4.0


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