Researches and projects

utorak, 5. septembar 2023.


The title of this new project is “Building scientific and innovation potential to utilize HPC and AI for S3 Smart Specialisation in Montenegro – HPC4S3ME” and the project is implemented at the University of Donja Gorica and sponsored through IPA II program, CFCU/MNE/213, call reference EuropeAid/172-351/ID/ACT/ME.
The objective of HPC4S3ME project is to contribute to straightening research excellence by building scientific and innovation potential based on the use of high performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI) for applications in industrial domains proposed by the Smart Specialisation Strategy (2019-2024) for Montenegro. The implementation of this project will provide a state-of-the-art environment for young researchers to gain experience in research and development in computer science, more specifically to apply machine learning and deep learning algorithms supported by HPC in order to create innovative information-communication technology solutions for applications in agriculture and food value chain, health and tourism, energy and sustainable environment, namely the priority domains identified by the smart specialisation strategy.