ponedjeljak, 21. februar 2022.

26th International IEEE IT2022 Conference and EuroCC Montenegro Workshop on HPC/HPDA/AI

With the support of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro and the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, University of Donja Gorica, and under the auspices of the IEEE, the XXVI Scientific and Professional Conference "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - PRESENT AND FUTURE 2022" was held on February 16-18, 2022. This scientific-professional gathering, which has been organized for 26 years, aims at a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of current events in the field of information and communication technologies. Presentations of scientific and professional papers, results of international research projects and a two-day EuroCC workshop entitled "2nd High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Workshops" were organized at this year's Conference. The chairman of this conference was Dr. Bozo Krstajic from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro. Over 30 scientific papers were presented at the conference, including papers in the field of the Internet of Things, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. The conference and workshop were attended by about 100 participants.