petak, 25. mart 2022.

9 reasons why not to start business by Syed Raza

On Friday, March 18th, 2022, starting at 10 am, as part of the "Miracles" event in the Entrepreneurial Nest of UDG, students had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Mr. Syed Raza, an entrepreneur and owner of Laganoo. Mr. Raza owns several companies abroad and in Montenegro. He specializes in the field of catering investments, acquisitions, bankruptcy services, consulting services for hotel construction and other catering and tourist investments, as well as industrial and commercial investments.


Mr. Raza, through a couple of interesting questions that are crucial for entering the world of innovation and business, presented to the students all the answers "for" and "against" starting your own business idea. Through a very inspiring presentation, he gave an insight into all the potential obstacles on the way to achieving the ultimate goal and the ways to deal with them. The goal of Mr. Raza's presentation is, primarily framed by personal experience, to solve the dilemma of "why yes" and "why not" to enter the world of business, as well as encourage students not to hesitate when it comes to commitment and access to other spheres of life.


During the lecture, Mr. Raza suggested several books to the students:

Emotional Intelligence

Rich Dad & Poor Dad

Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

The Lean Startup

Permission to Screwup

The Art of Start

Founders Dilemma