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"Al4Life"-With the support of alumni to a better employability of students in the Western Balkans


The AL4LIFE project (Western Balkan entrepreneurial university alliances – keeping in touch for lifelong relations) aims to create innovative educational processes based on strengthening practical skills and competencies through the involvement of alumni in the teaching process. The basic idea is for the alumni community to become more dynamically involved in teaching activities and contribute to the modernization of learning goals, and therefore to strengthen the competitiveness of students and universities. Improving the employability of graduated students, better cooperation between higher education institutions of the Western Balkan countries, transfers of knowledge and experience from developed European universities, as well as strengthening the partnership between the economy and universities, and greater openness of higher education institutions to the needs of the economy and the market - these are just some of the goals of the Erasmus+ project "Al4Life".


One of the key results that the AL4LIFE project strives for is the positioning of the university as a link between the labor market, and its needs for modern skills that correspond to an innovative dynamic business environment, and higher education aimed at stimulating economic development and strengthening the innovative capacity of national economies. By modernizing the academic education system and integrating distinguished alumni into the development of the university, practical teaching, professional competences, soft skills and general employability of students will be significantly improved.


The given vision and goals of the project will be achieved through the systematic inclusion of alumni in teaching, mentoring and research at institutions of higher education, introducing, to a significant extent, practical training and education focused on competencies lacking in the labor market, as well as through the organization of support programs for the development of students' careers.

Through the improvement of connections between institutions of higher education in the Western Balkans and the economic sector and the establishment of new business networks, conditions are created for better employability of graduated students. At the same time, this project achieves greater openness of higher education institutions and better compliance with the requirements of the economy and the market, especially in the higher education system of the Western Balkans.

As part of the project, it is also planned that, through close cooperation with alumni and the economic system, each institution of higher education will improve research capacities and their commercialization, in order to connect research excellence with the innovative potential of the economy.

Establishing a platform for mobilizing the entire alumni community for the benefit of society in the partner countries of the Western Balkans is the essence of the vision of the AL4LIFE project. The project is coordinated by the University of Montenegro, with the active participation of partners from the countries of the Western Balkans and Europe, thus creating an international platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience: University of Donja Gorica (UDG) from Montenegro, University of Bologna from Italy, University of Ljubljana from Slovenia, Autonomous University of Madrid from Spain, University of Mitrovica and International Business College Mitrovica, Kosovo.

We invite alumni of all institutions participating in the project to take part in the AL4LIFE project, as well as interested parties (stakeholders), to express interest and apply via the contact form: Contact form

You can find more information about the project and activities at: