21. March 2019.


The Blockchain classroom at UDG began operating in January 2019 and was ceremoniously opened on March 2, 2019.  UDG develops innovative thinking and innovative spirit. We want to take advantage of developments in the era of artificial intelligence! Completely in line with the vision of the development of UDG, which basically has the creation of a capable student as a responsible citizen of the global world, we want to bring new trends and achievements through the Blockchain classroom to UDG. We are trying to explore the possibilities that new technologies and innovations bring to start-ups, how they can be applied in business and real life, what they bring to the financial market. One of the roles of the Blockchain classroom at UDG is to promote education and innovation among young entrepreneurs and help them connect with the financial industry   Blockchain classroom at UDG is being developed in collaboration with Blockchain Global Ltd, a company from Australia, which has its own centers in Asia and around the world. Recently, in December last year, the UDG delegation visited China and visited the Blockchain Center in Shanghai. It was then agreed that UDG students would have Internships provided at Blockchain Global and its centers around the world.