petak, 22. mart 2024.

EmpowerHR4Inno: Human resources management with the application of innovative digital tools

The development of efficient model and tool for human resources management, stimulated by digital tools for companies’ capacity building of innovations, technology and knowledge, is one of primary goals of the project called EmpowerHR4Inno, which is implemented within the call for the IPA grant scheme “Scientific potential in the service of innovation”.

The EmpowerHR4Inno project aims to establish a strong ecosystem, companies – academic sector – young researchers – experts from companies which have a multidisciplinary approach and aims to gather relevant parties, especially national and international experts in human resources management and innovations, including scientists and experts in the diaspora. The focus is also on companies in the area of smart specialization: food production, tourism and IT sector, business associations as well as ministries and other departments and organizations.

The project focuses on supporting research and innovation activities within companies. The main goal is to increase awareness of the importance of companies’ ability to adopt innovations and new technologies. This includes use of efficient digital tools for data processing, as well as connecting academic and research sphere with innovative solutions and companies which follow the principles of open science. Also, the project includes testing innovative models for improving the ability of companies to use their human resources, through the application of models and tools for human resources management (HRM) in companies in Montenegro.

The project activities include cooperation between the academic and research community and industry by sharing all knowledge, expertise and patents, which will ultimately lead to effective dissemination of new knowledge, effective proposal for action and improvement of human resources treatment and management, rationalization of useful existing innovative solutions, knowledge and collaboration.

Currently, the EmpowerHR4Inno project team is conducting a research on the achieved results in the field of innovative activities of business entities in the period from 2020 to 2023.

The research is based on empirical data collected through a survey, which will serve as a basis for analysis of current results of the management and innovative activities application in Montenegro in companies and enable qualitative and quantitative research on the issue of development of absorptive capacity and the creation of innovations.

The survey is intended to director/owner/manager/head of the organizational unit for development, since most of the questions refer to business policy of business entity.

The survey can be filled out on the following link: UPITNIK

The project is coordinated by the Faculty of International Economy, Finance and Business at the University of Donja Gorica and is financed by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Delegation of European Union (EU) in Podgorica.

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