srijeda, 26. jun 2024.


The first enrollment period for faculty units of the University of Donja Gorica starts on Friday, June 28. 


Registration will be held on June 28 and June 29 as well as on July 1. Detailed information could be found here.


UDG offers new opportunities and innovations in the educational process this academic year as well. Welcome!  


On the wave of the new educational model and innovations implemented by Arizona State University (ASU), as the first university in America for innovations for the ninth year in a row, ahead of MIT and Stanford, the University of Donja Gorica provided opportunities for many of the educational contents and innovations to be applied in Montenegro as well, through a twenty-year strategic partnership. 


Dual degrees  


With the intention of creating international opportunities for our students, from the academic year 2024/25, students will have the opportunity to receive a double degree with world-renowned universities: Arizona State University from America, Instituto Politecnico de Braganca from Portugal, University Beijing Union from China and International Hotel Management and Management (VATEL School) from France.  


Virtual classroom  


Through a large number of international projects, UDG offers students excellent study conditions, modern equipment and curricula. From the next academic year, the University of Donja Gorica, through the European project NEST4WB, will equip the first virtual classroom in Montenegro, and in addition to the above, the establishment of the Center for Advanced Technologies will be started. The students of the study program Electrical Engineering and Computing, as well as Information Systems and Technologies will have the opportunity to study these technologies, while all students of UDG will have the experience of using these technologies in research and study.


Artificial intelligence  


In addition to the fact that the Information Systems and Technologies study program has been implementing the Artificial Intelligence module for several years, as well as the fact that this highly advanced field is studied in the Electrical Engineering and Computing study program, its understanding and study will be implemented in all UDG study programs from this year. For future professionals in any field, it is fundamental to understand and acquire new skills in order to adapt and succeed in the new era. Guided by this, and with respect for the multidisciplinary approach, artificial intelligence, its application and impact will be included in all study programs.  


The Blockchain Classroom  


As part of the development of innovative thinking and spirit at UDG, development opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence are used, especially in the part of direct connection with the financial sector. Through the Blockchain classroom at UDG, new trends and achievements have been researched within the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business for a couple of years. As the Faculty is focused on encouraging students to develop their business, they strive to explore the possibilities that new technologies and innovations bring to startups. One of the roles of the Blockchain Classroom at UDG is to promote education and innovation among young entrepreneurs and help them connect with the financial industry. From this study year, all study programs will be familiar with this technology and its application in their fields of study.    


 Arizona State University (ASU) Lifelong Learning Diplomas and Certificates  


Students of the University of Donja Gorica, as well as alumni, will be offered the opportunity for self-education and the acquisition of diplomas and certificates for lifelong learning from Arizona State University (ASU) as an incentive for the personal and professional development of current and former students of UDG.  


With the desire to justify the position of an innovative university, with programs and opportunities, in the coming period we will make certain global opportunities available to young people in Montenegro and the general public, with the intention of achieving the highest possible level of inclusivity.