srijeda, 3. mart 2021.


At the Entrepreneurial nest UDG on 23rd of February 2021. workshop on the topic of Entrepreneurship in architecture was held, being the first in line among the planned workshops. Students had the opportunity to attend the presentation held by mr Damir Bucan who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Polytechnics at the University of Donja Gorica, and a founder of the architecture studio “StudioB”.


In addition to the general question of entrepreneurship in architecture, he shared some personal experiences with the students regarding the practical aspects and future work that students are to expect at the end of their studies. The workshop also discussed the previous and current architectural heritage, both globally and domestically. The questions were based on the practice itself and on what awaits the students when they finish University studies, how to approach their job or start their own business. Some of the specific topics were dealing with larger projects at the beginning of a career, teamwork, the most important software in architectural design, architectural competitions and their importance for the further development of an individual or group.


Some of the answers to the mentioned topics were based on the personal experience of mr Bucan, while most of them included basic postulates in architecture. Students were also able to ask some individual questions and thus resolve their own doubts that may relate to experience, work or specifically studies. The aim of the workshop was to encourage students to take a broader look at their future profession and gain awareness of what their career beginning should look like, as well as how to start their own business in the field of architecture and marketing in architecture. The workshop was organized at the initiative of the students of the Faculty of Polytechnics.