utorak, 4. maj 2021.

Guest Lecture: Predrag Amidzic

A tribune will be held on Thursday, May 6, starting at 12 o'clock. Mr. Predrag Amidžić will speak at the tribune, who is best described by the following words:


High in the sky, deep in the sea and stable on the ground – this is Predrag Amidzic, Regional Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Balkans and head of Pernod Ricard Bulgaria 


The forum will be held live, in the AS amphitheater, but due to epidemiological measures, the number of people in the amphitheater is limited. The first 40 students who send an e-mail to will have the right to follow the tribune from the amphitheater. In order for this very interesting forum to be followed by all students, employees, a live broadcast is provided via our Youtube channel. 


A short biography of our guest:


Balkans, East Africa, Malta, Cyprus, management, extreme sports, love for nature, passion about people, easy going person 

The above can describe Predrag Amidzic. He is Manager in a global company, head of a business cluster combining 9 countries in Europe, and leading Pernod Ricard Bulgaria. 

  • 2000 August - Predragjoined Allied Domecq as a Sales Executive for Montenegro. Prior to joining AD he worked for a different companies such as Axxon Trading and Sarantis (both Greek) as a Area Manager for Montenegro.Beside this he worked partly as a representative for Master Foods distributing company 
  • 2001 March- he has been promoted to a position of Senior Sales Executive and shortly after as a Sales Supervisor 
  • 2002 August - additionally to his role in Montenegro, he was appointed as a AreaManager for Albania and Macedonia 
  • 2003 September- Cyprus was added to his zone of responsibility followed by inclusion of Malta in January 2004. 

Pernod Ricard acquired Allied Domecq in 2005 and Predrag continued same role in the new organization. 

  • 2008 - he was appointed as General Manager of Pernod Ricard Serbia and Montenegro based in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • 2016 July - he was appointed General Manager for the newly created cluster of Adriatics based in Belgrade, Serbia. 
  • 2017 July - he was appointed Regional Managing Director, East Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 2020 July - appointed as Regional Managing Director for newly formed cluster, Pernod Ricard Balkans, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Predrag is a keen sportsman, an active skydiving competitor, scuba diver and skier. Married, a proud father of a daughter. 

There is much in common between extreme sports and management – Predrag claims. – And people are the most valuable asset. 


Find out more on April 7 at 19.30