21. March 2019.


On 01 March 2019 first public discussion "KNOW THYSELF" was held at UDG.  First guest of the public discussion was rector of University of Donja Gorica professor Veselin Vukotic and the topic was "Entrepreneurial nest" at UDG. Amphitheatre where the public discussion was held was packed with professors, associates and students of the University, as well as alumni students. Professor Vukotic has presented new challenge for UDG and an innovation that will help development of start up companies and projects. Here are some of key messages and quotes by professor Vukotic from the first public discussion "Know thyself": - Today, idea is the most convertible currencies! - Fight for high quality studies, dear professors and associates, is led in the classroom of UDG.. That is why you should ask yourselves have you prepared your class to wake up students or storm them with facts that they are supposed to learn by heart?  - Will an idea of Entrepreneurial Nest require organisational change in terms of lectures at UDG? Yes! By 2027 lecture organisation shall be made in a way that first two years of study will be the same for all faculties, while the third and the following years will be directed towards certain life area! ... The goal is to increase the capability of student for research and idea creation.