srijeda, 19. januar 2022.


Applications have been opened for the umbrella education program for members of the ICT Cortex cluster (Amplitudo, Alicorn, Bild studio, Codeus, Coinis, Data Design, Digital Bee, Logate, Oykos Development, Omnitech, Sky Sat, Optimus Consulting) within the Cortex Academy.

“As a separate segment of the Cortex Academy, there are unified education programs for cluster members, which are intended for children, students, high school students and all those who want to specialize, retrain or improve existing knowledge in some areas of ICT. Through the official website of the Cortex Academy, in the next month, all those interested will be able to apply for over 50 courses in 5 areas: project management, marketing, programming, software testing and design. "- said ICT Cortex.

All those interested can apply via the website: until 22.12.2021, followed by the selection process, while the beginning of the training is planned for February 2022. Some of the courses offered are: Web application programming - frontend and backend orientation, Hardware programming, Game development, Basics of web coding, Linux and network administrator, Data Science for Dummies, Deploying of Machine Learning, Digital marketing, and many others. Most of the courses are free, while some are paid. In addition to the courses that will be conducted by cluster members, it is possible to apply for over 34 online educational programs that can be accessed online, through the Cortex platform.

In addition to the umbrella training program for cluster members, the Cortex Academy will also include programs initiated and implemented by ICT Cortex independently or with external partners. All mentioned projects will aim to strengthen corporate education and contribute to the education system through the involvement of the economy in the field of modernization of curricula and staff training.

As a reminder, some of the founders of the ICT cluster participated in the development of the curriculum for the Electrical Engineering School, majoring in Web and Mobile Application Development, which is tailored to the needs of the labor market. The first generation in ETŠ "Vaso Aligrudić" from Podgorica, which worked according to that curriculum, had the opportunity to do an internship in cluster member companies for 7 weeks. In addition, the same students were given the opportunity to attend the Optimus Smart Academy free of charge, during which they learned the basics of digital electronics and creating solutions based on the concept of the Internet of Things.

The greatest contribution of the ICT cluster Cortex in the field of education is the joint participation of ICT Cortex and ETŠ "Vaso Aligrudić" in Podgorica on a project that will receive support through the Regional Challenge Fund. This is a project of a consortium consisting of ETŠ "Vaso Aligrudić", as a leading partner, IT companies, members of the ICT Cortex cluster (Bild studio, Amplitudo, Datadesign, Alicorn) and the company Mont-inženjering.

The financial support that will be provided by the Regional Challenge Fund for the realization of this project is half a million euros, and the beginning of the realization of the project will be in 2022. It is important to note that all funds will be directed to the modernization and equipping of the school, while the members of the consortium will provide mentoring for students, in order to help students acquire skills in line with the needs of the labor market.