ponedjeljak, 24. jun 2024.

Launch of the NAWA Banach Scholarship Programme

According to the presentation which was held at the University of Donja Gorica on 23rd April 2024 about NAWA Banach scholarship programme in Poland, the competition for scholarship for master studies at Polish University is open. 

At the stage of applying for funds under the Programme, the applicant selects one of the scholarship paths:

1) Polish-language path (for studies in Polish):

a) preparatory course which lasts for a year and second-cycle studies

b) second-cycle studies in Polish (without a preparatory course).

2) English-language path (for studies in English) - second-cycle studies in English and a Polish language and culture course.

More about NAWA Banach scholarships the interested students can check the following link: and about the competition and application procedure on the following link:

The deadline for the application is 27th June.