ponedjeljak, 2. novembar 2020.

Meeting of all professors and associates of UDG

On Thursday, 29th of October at the University of Donja Gorica, a meeting of all professors and associates was held. The meeting was attended by around 300 associates and professors, partly live and partly through the Zoom platform. For those present in the building there was a video transmission organized in a few halls so that the measures issued by the Institute of Public Health would be respected.

Introductory speeches were given by Prof. dr Milica Vukotic and general manager, dr Sandra Tinaj. Prof. dr Veselin Vukotic rector of the University, gave a speech as well.

The topic of the meeting was to present information on the re-accreditation of the University by 2025. as well as the vision of the University by the year 2035.

According to the planned agenda, the results of the re-accreditation process were presented in accordance with the visit and recommendations by the Re-accreditation Commission. During the meeting, the Commission which consisted of eleven members, as well as the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education were both thanked for their professionalism as well as provided information and recommendations.

Prof. dr. Veselin Vukotic in his presentation spoke about the vision of the University until 2035. What are the issues, problems and solutions that we need to address in order to improve the level of education at the University of Donja Gorica. The topic that the rector spoke about was the Vision of the inner transformation of UDG. Likewise, he spoke about networking at the level of the faculty, at the level of cluster of faculties, at the level of the University and finally the networking of the University itself, which becomes one big global University.

At the very end, gratitude was expressed by the speakers to all professors and associates present because the positive report was a result of hard work and effort from all employed.