utorak, 22. jun 2021.

National Center of Competence in High Performance Computing (HPC) at UDG



Project EuroCC – National Competence Centres in the Framework of EuroHPC aims to establish a network of national competence centres for high performing computing in

33 member states of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) under Horizon2020 so that it could provide users with a customized portfolio of services adjusted to corresponding national needs of industry, scientific and academia community and public administration across Europe.

The project aims to ensure the coordination of a high level of expertise across Europe in HPC technology and related disciplines such as High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Such knowledge and expertise are key to strengthening the technological autonomy and competitiveness of the European Union (EU). The EuroCC project establishes a national competence center (NCC) in the member states, which will be responsible for researching and documenting the core HPC, HPDA and AI activities and competencies in their countries. Finally, the goal is to make HPC available to a variety of users from science, industry, public administration, and society. Competence centers for high-performance computing will become centers for the coordination of national initiatives, making it easier for users to access European HPC capabilities in different industries. By establishing a network of national centers of competence for HPC, the project will contribute to the construction of the European HPC ecosystem and the implementation of the HPC initiative of the European Commission. Each of the 33 national competence centers, which will be part of the EuroCC network, will act locally to map available HPC competences and identify existing gaps. Centers of competences will coordinate HPC expertise at the national level and facilitate access to European funds for research and scientific users, public administration, as well as in various industrial sectors, providing customized solutions for a wide range of users.

EuroCC is implemented at the University of Donja Gorica under the Horizon 2020 (H2020) through EuroHPC Joint Undertaking [JU]. As part of the project, the Montenegrin National Center of Competence (NCC Montenegro) in the field of high performance computing will be established and developed. NCC Montenegro will coordinate activities in all areas related to HPC at the national level and will serve as a contact point for clients from industry, science, HPC experts and the general public.

As part of the project, an Info Day will be organized in the coming period for all companies and individuals who are interested in learning more about the possibilities of using advanced HPC (High Performance Computing) technologies in order to improve business and competitiveness.

All who are interested can send an email to: