17. March 2020.

Online teaching starts at UDG and all measures are taken to function in the new conditions

In accordance with the recommendations given by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, IPH, from 12th of March, the University of Donja Gorica has suspended classes and lectures on Friday 13th of March. In order to minimize disruption of the teaching process, various forms of online learning and teaching have been organized by UDG and all measures are being taken for functioning under the given conditions.

Most importantly, communication with students is maintained through mail, website, and student portals, as well as social and academic networks.

Platform of the University of Donja Gorica enables correspondence between professors and students, free distribution of literature, homework, essays etc. In addition to regular teaching material, students are also provided with additional materials in the forms of literature or educational video content. For example, on the Instagram and LinkedIn profiles of the University, we can find “Rector’s corner” section, where different and new “out-of-the-box” literature is being published and is recommended by the Rector. The suggested materials are not part of the lectures or mandatory.

While at all faculties, professors are giving out assignments through student portals, at this moment online teaching has started at the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies using the following platforms: Webex, Zoom and Moodle, as well uploading recorded lectures where there are classic videos or other video recordings on to which the voice of the professor is accompanied by an excel, power point or some other program, which represents a simulation of the class. In the following days, this type of teaching will start to expand to all other faculty units. .

The necessary literature needed for seminar, thesis and other papers students can obtain through contact with the Library representatives, for all available online publications. The Student service will, as well, be issuing all kinds of electronic certificates that students may need during this period.

In the coming days, these activities will be expanded, and the UDG message to everyone is: Let's keep our distance today so we can hug each other better tomorrow! Let's follow the recommendations of  IPH!