18. December 2018.

Rector of the University of Donja Gorica at the international Eilat-Eilot Summit in Israel

With the goal of further internationalization of the University, the Rector, Prof. Dr Veselin Vukotic, is staying in Israel and China during December. In accordance with the strategy of internationalization of UDG, and alongside with the cooperation with the universities and companies from Europe and America, the Rector of the University of Donja Gorica continues the activities of establishing cooperation based on student exchange programs and joint projects with the countries of the Asian continent. Regarding this, Rector Vukotic was in Israel from December 1-5 attending the international Eilat-Eilot Summit. During the Summit, he had the opportunity to talk to the representatives of the companies from Israel, a country with the tradition in founding and developing startups, in order to organize practices with Israeli companies for UDG students. After  the Summit, the talks on cooperation with the University of Tel Aviv began. In addition to the above and in accordance with the plans for further development of cooperation with China, with which several exchanges and professional practices for students as well as professional visits for both academic and non-academic staff have already been realized, Rector Vukotić is visiting the Universities in Shanghai, Beijing, Handzhou and Chengdu during the visit to China scheduled for December 18-30 In the course of the visit to Chinese universities and companies, the Rector and the UDG delegation will have the opportunity to discuss future exchanges of students, academic and non-academic staff,  the establishment of international and interdisciplinary studies, as well as the practices with Chinese and Montenegrin companies.​