ponedjeljak, 26. jun 2023.

Representative of UDG at the International seminar on Ramayan in South East Asia

"The Great Epic and Western World", New Delhi, 13.06. and 14.06.2023.


Dean of the Faculty for Design and Multimedia, Prof. dr Tatjana Burzanović is the only participant from the Western civilization on the topic of the ancient epic Ramayana (The Great Epic and Western World), at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of India, and Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, at the International Seminar on the topic of the ancient epic Ramayana. Prof. Burzanović illustrated the ancient epic Ramayana in 56 paintings, using a combined technique on a 35x50cm format, after which she wrote a book where she described how she transposed thoughts, feelings and events from the Ramayana with artistic elements. The mentioned book was translated into English by the Indian Embassy in Vienna. Solo exhibition of 56 paintings, inspired by the ancient epic Ramayana, by Professor Tatjana Burzanović, will be presented at the Ministry of Culture of India in June, on International Seminar.


The printing of the protocol edition of Professor Burzanović's book, "Ramayana - Illustrations", was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro in 2022, after which the book was presented at several book fairs in Montenegro and the region. The redesigned edition of this book will be published in the USA in 2023.

Professor Tatjana Burzanović is the only lecturer of Indian culture in Montenegro, at the University of Donja Gorica, Faculty of Culture and Tourism, where the Indian corner was opened.

At the residence of Gandhi's granddaughter, Mrs. Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Professor Tatjana Burzanović, presented a painting titled "Gandhi and his followers", which was inspired by the poem of the Indian Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, and which is now part of the collection of the National Gandhi Museum in New Delhi. Tatjana also handed Gandhi's granddaughter, Mrs. Tara, a set of stamps of the Post of Montenegro, which were printed in Montenegro, by the Post of Montenegro, in 2019. with the image of Gandhi,  within the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi stamps will also be housed in the Gandhi National Museum in New Delhi, as part of their collection.