četvrtak, 1. jun 2023.

Rick Shangraw, President of CINTANA Education – Interactive Session with staff and professors

Dr. Rick Shangraw, President-Cintana Education, visited The University of Donja Gorica (UDG) on May 24, 2023 to share his vision of Cooperation with ASU/CINTANA –  boosting the engagement of UDG professors and staff. Dr. Shangraw delivered and shared a very insightful session about the opportunities and importance of cooperation, emphasizing in detail the elements of Powered by ASU Engagements and Cintana strategic support offerings and benefits such as transfer of knowledge, transfer of technology, entrepreneurship development  and interacted with faculty members of UDG.

Dr. Shangraw has spent 15 years as a senior executive at Arizona State University (ASU), ex senior. Dr. Shangraw served as the founding chief executive officer of ASU Enterprise Partners, leading the movement to ensure and evolve higher education through entrepreneurship. He also served as senior vice president for research and innovation at ASU, spearheading ASU as one of the fastest-growing research enterprises in the United States. Under his leadership, nearly 5,000 distinct research projects were awarded with over $1.2 billion in funding.