četvrtak, 17. februar 2022.

The event "Miracles" in the Entrepreneurial Nest of UDG

On Thursday, February 17th, 2022, starting at 12:45, as part of the event "Miracles" in the Entrepreneurial Nest of UDG, students had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Mr. Anil Abbak, Member of the Board of Directors and President of Finveo UK and Finveo Montenegro subsidiaries of Inveo Investment Holding. Through interesting illustrations, through which he presented examples from many years of experience, Mr. Abbak metaphorically explained what the thinking of a modern man who is open to creating new ideas and innovations should look like. In the form of a presentation, he explained the approach taken by global giants and people considered to be successful. Through an open discussion, together with the students, he explained what the key to achieving satisfactory success is, both in business and private life. He also gave the students very useful tips that will serve them when the time to make contacts with large market corporations comes.


The aim of this very inspiring presentation by Mr. Abbak was an incentive for young innovators and future entrepreneurs.