petak, 1. mart 2024.

The Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG organized a cultural lecture on "Chinese New Year"

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, on February 28th, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG conducted a themed cultural lecture on "Chinese New Year" for students of the Faculty of international economics, finance and business at the same university. This lecture was delivered by Ms. Lai Peiyu, a Chinese language teacher from the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, offering students an exciting opportunity to deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

The lecture was divided into three parts. Firstly, Ms. Lai provided a comprehensive introduction to the Chinese New Year, primarily focusing on its historical origins, cultural significance, timing, and the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, presenting the rich connotations of the festival to the students. Subsequently, through a combination of text and visuals, various activities, customs, and cuisines associated with the Chinese New Year were elaborately explained, delving into the cultural significance behind them. Finally, under Ms. Lai's guidance, students collectively learned commonly used New Year greetings and engaged in the creation of flip dragon paper-cuttings.

To enhance the lecture's appeal and interaction, a prize Q&A session was organized, attracting active participation from the students. Through answering questions related to the Chinese New Year, students gained a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the content, while also engaging in deep discussions and exchanges with Ms. Lai.

Through the "Chinese New Year" cultural lecture, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG has opened a window for students to explore Chinese New Year culture, promoting cultural exchange and integration between China and Montenegro, and providing valuable opportunities for students' cross-cultural learning.