ponedjeljak, 10. oktobar 2022.

Tourism Confucius Classroom at the UDG in Montenegro held the "China Day" event

On October 4th, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at the UDG held the "China Day" cultural experience activity to warmly celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of China and the traditional Chinese festivals Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ninth Festival. Ms. He Lin and Mr. Jin Shan, representatives of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Montenegro, Mr. Zoran Djikanović, UDG coordinator for cooperation with Chinese institutions, Ms. Andjela Jaksic Stojanovic, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Culture at UDG, Ms. Marija Orlandić, Dean of China studies at UDG, Ms. Tamara Radinović, Director of Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG and 150 teachers and students attended the event.


The event was divided into eight experience areas: Chinese paper cutting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese knot, Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese Peking opera masks, Gobang, Chopsticks game and Chinese moon cakes. Ms. Lai Peiyu, a Chinese teacher in the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, and five students from the school's China studies major presented and explained the eight experience areas. In addition to the cultural experience area, the event also set up a book display area, a painting display area and a clothing display area, which also attracted students to stop here to read their favorite Chinese books, appreciate paintings, and try on traditional Chinese costumes.


After the event, the students expressed their love and appreciation to the teachers for the event, and hoped to hold more such events.