petak, 21. april 2023.

Tourism Confucius classroom at UDG

Tourism Confucius classroom at UDG is committed to promoting Chinese language and its culture in Montenegro. The classroom has a special aim of strengthening the cooperation and development in the tourism industry between Montenegro and People’s Republic of China.

In a consistent manner, you can expect a large number of events and invitations for the young people of Montenegro during the year 2023. The classroom is going to organise activities dedicated to People’s Republic of China, such as Important traditional Chinese festivals and lectures about Chinese culture. It will also organise summer camps, Montenegrin and Chinese student and professor exchanges between the two universities in order to achieve and improve intellectual knowledge

Faculty for Culture and Tourism - China studies programme

In case you want to enrich your spirit and to explore the variety of Chinese culture and to travel amongst the exciting paths of its heritage and at the same time you feel the need to share the acquired knowledge with others then China studies programme at Faculty for Culture and Tourism is the right place for you. The programme is unique, not only to Montenegro but to the region as a whole. Similar study programmes are being realised at some of the most prestigious and most prominent higher education institutions in the world.

China studies represent the studies devoted to China, its culture, language, philosophy, history as well as information technology in which People’s Republic of China is currently number one in the world in this field. All of the students of this programme shall have the possibility to spend a part of their studies at some of the most prestigious Chinese universities or to perform students practice at one of the world renowned companies in China with whom the University of Donja Gorica has a signed cooperation agreement.

University of Donja Gorica offers you the opportunity to live the Eastern dream and to be a part of a network of young up-and-coming people throughout China studies programme.

Seize that opportunity!!!