subota, 25. maj 2024.

Tourism Confucius Classroom hosted a reading and sharing event

Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG hosted a "Salute to Classics" reading and sharing event as part of the "Chinese Book Festival"


On March 13th, Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG hosted a splendid event titled "Paying Tribute to Classics" as part of the "Chinese Book Festival". The event aimed to promote classic Chinese literary works. Marija Orlandić, Dean of the China Studies at UDG, Tamara Tomic, Head of the University Library, and Tamara Radinović, Director of the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, along with 80 students, participated in the event.


At the outset of the event, Tamara Radinović extended a warm welcome to the attendees and provided a detailed overview of the event's agenda. Following this, Lai Peiyu, a Chinese language teacher from Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG, offered an in-depth exploration of the life, philosophy, and enduring influence of the ancient Chinese thinker, Confucius. The focus was particularly on the classical sentences from Confucius's "Analects," which resonated deeply with the participants. Subsequently, another Chinese language teacher from the Tourism Confucius Classroom, Shi Xinwei, introduced the modern Chinese literary giant, Lu Xun, discussing his life, creative experiences, seminal works, and profound impact on Chinese literature, thus presenting an extraordinary literary journey to the attendees.



Moreover, students from the China Studies, Varja Đurišić and Ivan Aranitović, shared their insights and reflections on classic Chinese literary works. Varja Đurišić vividly introduced the life and representative works of the ancient Chinese poet Li Bai, while Ivan Aranitović led the audience to appreciate the profound artistic conception embodied in the poems of Wang Wei, especially admiring the beauty of the poem "Painting". Additionally, students from the Tourism Confucius Classroom, Jovan Dašić, Marija Tomović, and Arnad Lekić, recited "Song of Everlasting Regret," "A Set of Windy Verses," and "Believe in the Future," respectively, showcasing the charm and emotion of literary works through recitation.


The highlight of the event was the book exhibition area, which attracted many students to linger and admire. Here, they had the opportunity to closely interact with various exquisite Chinese books and delve into the charm and essence of Chinese literature through reading.


Through this event, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG provided faculty and students with an opportunity to deeply understand the classics of Chinese literature, not only expanding their cultural horizons but also promoting the exchange and understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures. In the future, the Tourism Confucius Classroom at UDG will organize more similar activities to contribute to a deeper understanding of Chinese and Montenegrin culture.