ponedjeljak, 26. jun 2023.

UDG Center of Excellence: MontEat application - invitation to interested catering establishments

Center of Excellence (FoodHub) Faculty of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, UDG,, invites all interested parties to become part of the MontEat application, and by presenting the services they offer, contribute to the promotion of the national gastronomic offers and promotions of authentic, that is, traditional food products.

The goal of this application is to show, that is, to promote the diverse gastronomic offer of Montenegro. The application links the most important dishes (products) from Montenegro with regions, localities, i.e. restaurants, markets and other facilities where they are available, showing a description of the dishes (products), interesting information, preparation methods and average nutritional values. The purpose of this application is to enable, primarily for tourists, but also for residents of Montenegro, an easier selection of traditional dishes, i.e. products, as well as information about places where they can be consumed. All information is available in English and Montenegrin. An important component of this application, in addition to the promotion of traditional (authentic) food products, is the promotion of points of interest - recognized restaurants, markets, etc. The application will be offered in Montenegrin and English.

This application, through cooperation with all interested parties, is another contribution of the Center of Excellence (FoodHub) to the promotion of traditional (authentic) food products in Montenegro.

The Center of Excellence (FoodHub) was financed by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Montenegro, while the application was developed in cooperation with one of the partner institutions on the project, Fleka d.o.o.

We invite all interested parties to contact us by email:, if they are interested in presenting their services through the application.