utorak, 28. maj 2024.

UDG delegation on a study visit to China

Through cooperation with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Ministry of Education, and Chinese universities headed by Beijing Union University, associates at UDG, Mr. Danilo Bulatović and Mr. Bogdan Malavrazić, had the opportunity to visit Chinese educational institutions as well as cultural, historical and natural sights, as a part of 10 day study visit to China.



China and Montenegro have a profound traditional friendship, the two countries have always respected each other, treated each other as equals, and the two peoples appreciate and respect each other. Driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, China and UDG have deepened their cooperation in various fields and made a series of substantive progress. It is hoped that through the "Chinese Bridge" and the tourism Confucius Classroom platform of the University of Donja Gorica, it will establish contacts and carry out cooperation with more students in Montenegro.

The study visit included a visit to educational, scientific and cultural institutions in the morning, and a tour of natural sights and cultural and historical sites in the afternoon.

UDG representatives visited: Beijing Union University, Hangzhou International Business Community, International Center for Languages and Cooperation, Center for International Education and Cooperation, Faculty of Arts, Faculty for Special Education, International Creative Center, Experimental Primary School, Zjengjang University , Faculty of Archaeology, etc.

In all the mentioned institutions, the representatives of the UDG were welcomed by the rectors or deans, directors of schools and party leaders - the highest representatives of institutions.


The overall impression, as well as details such as marking the end of the lesson with the opening bars of Beethoven's "For Eliza" instead of the classical bell, indicate that everything is approached extremely thoughtfully, far-sightedly and with a clear goal.

The less formal part of the visit was reserved for visiting sights such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the West Lake, Ming's Tomb, the Olympic Complex and others...

Chinese students learn their history through interactive content, 3D projections, virtual reality. They make paper kites, pottery, attend pre-military training once a week. The combination of tradition and high technology is light and natural, deliberate and purposeful.

For blind students, cubes are provided with which they learn Braille or devices that use the same script, and the music hall is equipped with traditional and standard instruments. The massage rooms in the department for physiotherapists are equipped with beds, acupuncture needles, and showcases with all the necessary textbooks, anatomical atlases, maps of acupuncture points, etc.

The calligraphy studio has a set of brushes on each table, a shower, a container of clean water, a "pattern" to write on.

The chef department at the experimental school welcomed guests from Montenegro with a lunch no worse than in Beijing restaurants. In front of every school, college, university, there is a guard gate with a uniformed guard. Everything exudes organization, importance, sublimity. And this is where the most important lesson from the visit is hidden:

  • Education is of fundamental importance for the development of a society, whether that society numbered 1,300,000,000 individuals, as in China or 650,000 as in Montenegro;
  • A country that thinks of itself, a country that respects its traditions, holds on to its present and counts on its future does not skimp on funds invested in education;
  • In every aspect and at every step of the institution of education, both with its external appearance and internal organization and ethos, it points to sublimity, thoroughness and importance.

Overall, it leaves a strong impression of the exceptional importance of education for the development of society as a whole. The Chinese have had great oscillations in their rich history, but from the past millennia they have produced a clear conclusion - only an educated society provides itself with a happy future.

In recent years, with the joint efforts of China and Montenegro, Chinese teaching in Montenegro has achieved fruitful results. In the future, the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, support more young people in Montenegro to learn Chinese and understand China, and cultivate more talents for friendly cooperation in various fields.

If, to begin with, we just think about the explosive development of China in the past thirty years, and this development was presented precisely by experts educated at domestic schools and universities, then there is a clear and inevitable path ahead of us - if we want progress, the social priority must be education. UDG will continue to be a generator of social progress through further internationalization with the best universities and institutions in China and other parts of the world, through investing in a social platform based on quality education and through generating opportunities for highlighting each individual student.