četvrtak, 17. decembar 2020.

UDG Student Forum

Constitutive Session of UDG Student Forum took place on 09.12.2020. in the premises of the University’s Student Club.


The Forum is the third student body on UDG. It is formed as a network of young people who will discuss about problems they encounter throughout spheres of education, career development, and life in general.


CEO of Student Business Centre, and a founding member of the Forum, Nikola Micunovic, made opening regards, inviting all present members and guests of the Forum to a creative discussion. He made a brief review of the Agenda, after which the election of the first president of the Forum began.



Danilo Bulatovic, a second-year student at the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business, was unanimously elected president of the Forum. He took over the chair of the Session and said that the emphasis of it will be set on development of student's being which will also be the subject of debate. Before opening the debate, he invited the rector of UDG, professor Veselin Vukotic to give a speech.


Professor Vukotic congratulated the foundation of the Student Forum, describing it as a seed from which new ideas and initiatives should sprout. The Forum is, according to him, a platform for creating new connections and friendships, as well as developing a wider network amongst students. “I believe in our students. I see development in them. In you. You are people for a new age”, Professor concluded. After the rector’s speech, discussion was opened. Members and guests of the Forum debated on a topic “Are students aware of their potential and abilities, as well as their failures?”. Students of almost every faculty at UDG participated and actively contributed to the discussion, giving their opinion on importance of fear, parentship, mentorship, formal education curriculum as well as informal education and youth activism.


Professors and teaching associates also took part in the discussion, talking about their experiences from their student days. Marko Nisavic pointed out that “teamwork is something truly limitless”. He also invited students to use UDG’s international network because it brings a lot of great opportunities. Marija Radunovic invited students to step out of their comfort zone defining it as a path to personal growth and overcoming fears. She also explained that mentorship is meant to monitor the development of the student’s being. At the very end of the Session, students were asked to give concrete ideas and to recommend books that should induce further work of UDG Student Forum. Professor Vukotic recommended his book “Symbols and metaphors”, which he wrote so students could get a more thorough insight into principles on which UDG was found. Organizational team of the Forum invited all present members to develop ideas and initiatives and to discuss about them through UDG student bodies.


Full report available in the attachment