10. May 2018.

“Values, what values?” @ UDG, Podgorica

On May 7, 2018, the Free Market Road Show was be held at the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica. Topic of this year’s FMRS is “Values, what values?”. This year, the conference in Podgorica gathered around 350 participants, among which many young people and students who have shown interest to hear free market thinkers, experts, scientists on liberal economic thought and local hot topics covered within two panels.Details of the event and gallery of photos can be found in full version of this article.


Introductory words were given by Rector of UDG, Professor Veselin Vukotic and Dr. Barbara Kolm, Director of Austrian Economic Centre.

In the first panel, the audience could hear about local hot topics - NATO Membership as alignment with European Values, whereas the second covered discussion about European values in the context of practical issues.

Speakers of the first panel were Minister for Defense, Government of Montenegro, Mr. Predrag Boskovic and Mr. Ivan Jovetic, President of Council of RTCG, Public National Radio and TV broadcaster, while the moderator of the panel was Milica Vukotic, Professor at University of Donja Gorica. Minister Boskovic pointed out that NATO integration is one of the most important steps in recent history of Montenegro, which brought many benefits and new socio-economic values in Montenegro. Given that cooperation with EU is one of the top priorities of NATO agenda, the policy which is promoted by Alliance is set on strengthening European values. Therefore, as he concluded, Montenegrin policy of open doors of the Euro-Atlantic community will bring it closer to EU values and culture. Mr. Ivan Jovetic talked about development of European values through history, while pointing out that joining the NATO will have many economic benefits for Montenegro, which will come from integration to the bigger market and removing barriers for business.

The second panel was dedicated to free markets and core European values. The moderator of the panel was Jadranka Kaludjerovic, Professor at UDG and Director of Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognosis. The panelists were: Dr. Barbara Kolm of the Austrian Economics Center, Dr. Nima Sanandaji, author of The Birthplace of Capitalism: the Middle East, and Mr. Pieter Cleppe of Open Europe. All of them were discussing the problems and challenges which Europe faces today, as well as the crucial problems in the world. The panes especially stressed out the current situation with migrations, as well as how they will affect the European Union and change it in future.

Both panels were inspiring for the visitors of the conference, given the great number of questions which arose after the speeches. The organizers rewarded the visitor who asked the best question. The awarded student was Ms. Milica Djukanovic, UDG student, who got the book “Unleash Your Inner Company: use Passion and Perseverance to Build Your Ideal Business”, from author John Chisholm.

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