utorak, 26. januar 2021.

XI BUSINESS CHALLENGE - School of entrepreneurship and innovation for youth

Business Challenge of Montenegro - School of entrepreneurship and innovation for youth, is an entrepreneurial-research venture, organized by the Student Business Center of UDG and which has so far been attended by as many as 2537 high school students from all high schools and cities in Montenegro!


Traditionally, the Business Challenge is organized during the last week of January, and this year, the Business Challenge took place in different circumstances, given the pandemic. It took place online via the Zoom platform, but that did not stop the participants, nor the organizers, from creating a productive atmosphere, susceptible to brainstorming, as well as meeting high school students and creating a network of acquaintances!


At the Business Challenge in 2021, 33 teams participated, composed of members from different cities and regions, in order to network young people, mostly high school graduates. Each team had its own business mentor!

Considering the global situation we are in, SBC decided that the competition takes place in two phases. The first phase was online, the teams had the task of solving a business problem and presenting it to the jury, and the 10 best teams qualified for the second phase of the event, which will take place in Podgorica, in accordance with the measures!


It started on January 22, when the first meeting with the contestants was held, during which the contestants were introduced to the agenda and the way of working during the next 3 days.

On January 23 (Saturday) Business Challenge was officially opened. In the introductory part, the participants were traditionally addressed by the Rector of the University of Donja Gorica, prof. Dr. Veselin Vukotić. Prof. Dr. Veselin Vukotić pointed out to the participants the importance of pretending to meet the invisible, encouraging the participants to numerous, challenging ventures! "Nothing is more possible than what now seems impossible!"

 The speech was focused on the importance of change, because change is a determinant of each society, as well as independence in solving challenges and problems. Participants already during the introductory part received inspiration for further work, and enthusiasm could be felt by each participant individually.


The participants were also addressed on the first day by:

  • dr Nenad Vujadinović, topic: Youth Communication
  • dr Tomo Popović, topic: Digital Transformation
  • Darko Radičanin, Executive Director of "Youth Achievements" in Serbia, topic: Student companies


Before the competitors dived into the world of ideas, the reading of the Business Challenge was done by Nemanja Glavinić, "Youth Achievements".

Participants were divided into teams and were given time to meet and brainstorm! Through the small screens, the participants together with the mentors maintained the team spirit and working atmosphere!

Work with business mentors lasted in the afternoon, and teambuilding activities were indispensable, which aim to get to know the team members better! Teambulding activities were as follows:

  1. Bucket list- Each team member had up to 5 minutes to think about what they would like to do / achieve in their life. After that, they exchanged their vision with other members.
  2. Find the intruder: Each member of the group reported 3 pieces of information about themselves, one of those three was incorrect. The others had the task of guessing which of the presented information was incorrect. The goal was to get to know ambitions, interests and hobbies.
  3. A small treasury of great thoughts: Each member had 10 minutes to set aside one quote from folk or world literature for each colleague in the group. The goal was self-evaluation of the teams.
  4. At the beginning it was a word: Each member came up with a song, story or some other form of creative statement about the Business Challenge!


On the same day, the contestants started preparing presentations, and their business mentors instructed them in making a business plan.


The second day started in a working atmosphere, for both mentors and coordinators, as well as contestants! Participants continued to develop an already conceived business idea! The lecturers, as well as the topics of the second day were:

  • UDG Manager, Dr. Sandra Tinaj, topics: Education and work
  • Dr. Zoran Đikanović, topics: Blockchain and finance
  • dr Aleksandar Vujović, topics: Film and Art


After the morning block of lectures, presentations of the PICG competitors' solutions followed! The expert jury consisted of Marko Nišavić, Milica Daković, MA, Srdjan Obradović and Bojana Mališić, MA.


The teams and their ideas were as follows: 

  1. Team 1: Monteparitas,
  2. Team 3: Decision maker
  3. Team 4: Hajka, members
  4. Team 5: Montegram
  5. Team 6: Sante
  6. Team 7: BetterGetter
  7. Team 8: S.U.N. Safe United Nations
  8. Team 9: Tvoja ž (Your
  9. Team 10: Live better
  10. Team 11:Teal Heal: Digital bracelet, your life companion
  11. Team 12: COVID-19 Soothing masks
  12. Team 13: YTT: Development
  13. Team 14: MAVI! Mind at peace, Activities in life, Vacuming bad energy, Inovation
  14. Team 15: Calmfy Coffee
  15. Team 16: Digital plate
  16. Team 17: Diabetics in the age of corona
  17. Team 18: Pharmacy on Click: Launch of online pharmacy in Montenegro
  18. Team 19: Connect care
  19. Team 20: Bibi
  20. Team 21: Green Health 21
  21. Team 22: Application 1441
  22. Team 23: Zeka dezinfeka
  23. Team 24: El Deafo- sign language course,
  24. Team 26: Application Home Psyhologist
  25. Team 27: STORE TO DOOR
  26. Team 28: OsnaŽENA
  27. Team 29: Stravel
  28. Team 31: For Human Smile


The following teams entered the TOP 10:


Team 19: Connect care, members: Milena Bojanić, Ilma Toskić, Anastasija Drobnjak, Komnen Kankaraš


Connectcare bracelets are designed to offer us a direct connection with a twin person and monitor their health.

  1. Team 28: OsnaŽENE, members: Amina Bahović, Anastasija Bulatović, Teodora Petrović, Sara Blagojević

OsnaŽena is an application that provides support to women, victims of violence.„One click to solve your problem. "

  1. Team 24: El Deafo, members: Marija Tomović, Aleksandar Kastratović, Jovana Delibašić, Mihailo Novaković, Nerma Agović

A course that will give people the opportunity to learn sign language.


  1. Team 12: 1. COVID-19 Soothing masks, members: Dina Nikolić, Marko Vulević, Svetlana Kljajević, Lorena Ujkić, Kristina Krivokapić

Protective masks with a sedative (calming) effect, in addition to protection against the current virus, they have a sedative (calming) effect on the body and thus affect the alleviation of symptoms of stress, tension, anxiety; that is, they have a preventive effect on the occurrence of anxiety attacks.

  1. Team 18: Pharmacy on Click: Launch of online pharmacy in Montenegro, members: Jelena Radulović, Anđela Dabetić, Milena Nedović, Adela Fetić, Amra Barjaktarević

Pharmacy on Click is a website that allows residents of Montenegro to complete the process of ordering medicines completely online and to receive medicines at their home address.

  1. Team 21: GreenHealth-21, members: Marija Madžgalj, Vladana Vukobrat, Nikola Maljević, Dejana Vujković

Organization of hiking and walking tours, camping, meditation and socializing with respect to measures during the pandemic

  1. Team 23: Zeka dezinfeka: members: Milica Bojanić , Matija Ćetković, Hana Zoronjić, Hana Palavtić, Marica Ciko

The company deals with hand disinfection.


  1. Team 5: Montegram, members: Sulejman Purišić, Danilo Jončić , Lejla Šabotić, Amila Brahić Marija Petrović


Networking of young people aged 16 to 29 in this period when we cannot have "live" communication, the goal is to create new friendships, achieve help, preserve mental health and primarily enables the socialization of young people.


  1. Team 31: For Human Smile, members: Jana Mrvaljević, Vasilije Joksimović, Nikolina Barać, Jelena Jovanović, Amina Kuč


Promoting a healthy life. Production and sale of organic food, determination of diet and healthy lifestyle.


  1. Team 17: DIJAVID (diabetes+covid), application. Members: Ksenija Doknić, Anđela Milić, Anja Pavićević, Aleksa Obradović, Aleksandra Damjanović

The application is intended to help people suffering from diabetes during the pandemic period or a close person from their environment who can help them, and it is technologically literate.


These 10 teams will have the opportunity to compete in Podgorica and be one of those who will participate in the Business Challenge of the Western Balkans in Belgrade.


The Business Challenge is an opportunity for all high school students to get acquainted with the real circumstances of problem solving and business challenges, an opportunity to gain experience that they will use as future entrepreneurs.


Despite the given situation and conditions, online, the Business Challenge this year, like every year, has been a place to create numerous ideas and motivation for many to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit!


The philosophy of the SBC team, guided by the original vision of the University of Donja Gorica, is that business challenges lie in all areas of our lives! We started the realization of this Business Challenge with the belief that each of us has some talent - a gift and it proved to be justified.