23. May 2018.

"China: History, Culture, Religion and Science"

On Friday, May 18, 2018, the final competition of the teams within the project "Ideas and Character" was organized at the UDG, and on the topic "China: History, Culture, Religion and Science". Within this project in this semester 260 teams from all faculties of the UDG have applied for this topic, with about 1300 students (each group had 6-7 members). It is a project that is one of the fundamental innovations of the UDG studies, unique not only in the region, but also much wider. The final competition was also attended by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Montenegro, Cui Zhiwei, with representatives of 12 companies that are engaged in Montenegro. His Excellency Ambassador Cui Zhiwei presented awards to first-ranked teams, donated UDG's library of around 50 books, while Chinese companies provided about 40 practices for UDG students, as well as special awards for selected participants from UDG. The Ambassador also gave a lecture in which he outlined the basic characteristics of Chinese culture, economics and politics, as well as the views of the Chinese government on the future geopolitical trends of China's development and its place in the future global community. We expect that in addition to 30 UDG students currently in China (at Universities and internships), several more students will get internships in companies and banks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Macao. UDG is particularly proud that Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Cui Zhiwei, qualifies cooperation with China as a historic contribution by the UDG to establishing friendly relations between the Chinese and Montenegrin peoples. In this context, the UDG rector, prof. Veselin Vukotić, PhD, is invited to participate, along with experts and professors from around the world, with the participation of 10 professors from China, for several days taking part in the Forum devoted to China, the development of China and globalization, which the Professor and UDG see as a great honor and recognition.