31. August 2020.


The Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies, UDG in cooperation with the partner institution Regional Waterworks of the Montenegrin Littoral is implementing the RTEPMS project (Real-Time Environmental Monitoring System), funded by the Ministry of Science through grants for innovative projects.

The project, which officially started to be implemented in January 2019, and which is led by Marko Simeunović with a team of young researchers, represents the development of a sensor platform that can efficiently collect, send and process sensory data.

As announced in front of the project, the platform is not limited to special equipment, i.e. sensor nodes, while end users will be able to choose the use of sensor units both developed within the project and other manufacturers. Equipment compatibility will be enabled by determining special adapter modules for the most popular solutions that can be found on the market.

As part of the activities being implemented, the development of expert modules for various applications can provide a complete service from the design and installation of sensor units to the transformation of queue data into useful information and decision making. With the help of experts from the Regional water supply, several modules of the expert system for monitoring drinking water, swimming water quality and fish farming will be developed, and additional modules will be developed during and after the project implementation if needed.

Of special importance for RTEMPS is the new ECOMON project (Internet of Things Laboratory for Real-Time Ecological Monitoring), which is a continuation of existing RTEMPS project activities and its sustainability, and whose main goal is to develop a loT platform that loT sensor nodes will use to monitor quality parameters of water, but also for environmental protection. This project brings together a team of researchers who will work on the development of this solution in the next two years.

While RTEPMS produces prototypes of sensor nodes for water quality monitoring, while its platform together with sensor nodes will be used to develop new modules of the expert system that include specific user applications such as: rivers, lakes, sea coast, water sources, by continuation of this project ECOMON project will aim to provide laboratory analyses as well as field laboratories for IoT equipment and sensor assessment and will be extremely useful for the sustainability and further development of RTEPMS action and similar projects in the near future.