ponedjeljak, 8. februar 2021.

Presentation of the DIGagCOV project at webinar organized by ANSO and UCAS

University of Donja Gorica has participated on series of webinars organized by University of Chinese Academy of Science and ANSO (Alliance of International Science organizations) together with scientific organizations from China, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Kenya, Pakistan, and many more.


On February 4, UDG held webinar theme lecture and presented scientific research project Supporting Companies in Fighting Against COVID-19 Through Digitalization and Digital Payments. The project was focused on defining the right solution to help companies cope with the world of new advanced and rapid technological changes on the one hand, and on the other hand cope with various restrictions arising from the current pandemic, but also from fear of the next one.


The representing scientific institutions congratulated UDG and its team on achievement and showed an interest in forming an international research team, which will continue the cooperation and joint research work on projects for The Belt and Road Initiative Framework.