ponedjeljak, 6. maj 2019.

Business and Bank Conference 2019

On 5th and 6th May 2019, the Student Business Centre alongside with the Student Association of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro successfully organized the “Bank & Business Conference 2019”

within which regional Case Studycompetition whose participants were students form Montenegrin universities as well as the students from the region was held for the first time.

57 students from the universities from Montenegro and neighbouring countries took part in the “Bank & Business Conference 2019” project. By implementing the activities long-term, the aim of this project is to ensure more active practical education through the internship process, thus, bringing the market supply closer to the best students at first, and then to all the active Montenegrin and regional students through further application.

The Rector of the University of Donja Gorica, Veselin Vukotić, PhD, who talked about youth and entrepreneurship, opened the second day of the Conference. He shattered the well-known myth where entrepreneurship equals business and drew students’ attention to the fact that being an entrepreneur includes much more than being a mere businessman. An entrepreneur is every person who carries creativity within themselves, who is a bearer of a certain idea and who brings it to life, professor Vukotić stated.

Additionally, he presented his idea of “Entrepreneurial nest” to the audience, which had been conceived as a place where each and every creative and open-minded student will have an opportunity to develop their own knowledge and skills for the purpose of answering the questions - where does their ultimate potential lie and how to use it fully. This kind of a self-discovery quest will be monitored by a mentor - as he or she will be working with the students both individually and in a group, with the final goal of bringing the start-up idea to the company which is fighting their way for the spot on the global market. Every user of the “Nest” will have a whole array of services and extraordinary work conditions at their disposal enabling their free development. Rector Vukotić also looked back on the importance of the IT revolution, highlighting that the tools form the mindset of a human being, which means that the view on life differs from century to century and that technology has to be approached with caution as it is inherently a good servant but a bad master.