petak, 4. oktobar 2019.

Knowledge Factory 2019

At the University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Podgorica, on October 2 and 3, the Ninth Regional IT the Knowledge Factory manifestation will be held, with 2000-3000 participants.

Under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, the Knowledge Factory will be held within the Open Science Days Festival. This year, Comtrade, the largest regional IT company, is the main organizer and implementer of this educational event, with the support of many friends of this project.

The Knowledge Factory is intended primarily for Primary and Secondary school students, interested students, IT professionals, but also representatives of the business and professional public who will be able to learn about technological achievements and trends, share experiences and discuss possible cooperation in one place.

Knowledge Factory is organized with an aim to promote IT literacy in the SEE region. Through a unique combination of lectures, educational games and activities, participants are given access to the latest knowledge and most sought-after IT skills. The project is envisioned as an educational platform that provides learning opportunities and creative incentives for the future generations of IT leaders.

Technology: Not only a part, but also a means of education

This year, several thousand pupils and students will pass through the Open Science Days festival. As part of a program called the Knowledge Factory, they will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and various aspects of information technology, from technological to social and environmental. Everywhere in the world, educational institutions represent the most intensive users of technological solutions, and are often involved in various research and development projects. The Ministry of Science of Montenegro and the Knowledge Factory manifestation are making efforts to make technology an integral part of the educational process and to approach to students and employees in education in the right way. Technology as a means, not just a part of education - is the basic idea of the Knowledge Factory, which for nine years in a row has enabled young people to learn about current trends in the information technology industry and learn more about career opportunities in this exciting field.

From lectures to professions

In order to motivate the participants and bring them closer to the opportunities and perspectives of new technologies in an inspiring and comprehensible way, this year's topics are carefully adapted to listeners of different ages in terms of tone and style of the lectures. Also, the Knowledge Factory is focused on finding effective ways to motivate young people to actively participate and independently explore the topics covered, as it achieves lasting effects and helps the next generation embrace technology as an ally in everyday life, but also as a valuable base for professional orientation.

Attractions and interactions

A very important aspect in which the Knowledge Factory differs from seminars or professional conferences is the range of interactive activities aimed at ensuring the active participation of participants. In addition to taking an interactive approach to presenting various topics, there is an exhibition entitled "With Technologies on You" where visitors are introduced to the technologies of the future in an attractive and exciting way.

When it comes to the future, knowledge is its most important resource. For this reason, the Ministry of Science of Montenegro, the University of Donja Gorica and Comtrade continue to contribute to the spreading of technological information and the development of the IT sector on the domestic field. In the IT world, time is flowing faster, and this is one of the few areas in which employment can be found immediately upon graduation. But for those looking for their future in other areas, technology can be a valuable ally.