četvrtak, 26. mart 2020.

Cambridge University Press objavio knjigu, profesora na Politehnici, Marka Lubarde.

Cambridge University Press je objavio knjigu, profesora na Fakultetu Politehnike, Univerziteta Donja Gorica, Marka Lubarde. 


 Objavljivanje knjige: Intermediate Solid Mechanics


Marko V. Lubarda, University of Donja Gorica

Vlado A. Lubarda, University of California, San Diego

Cambridge University Press, 2020

'The Lubardas, a father-son duo, deliver a unique and well-balanced textbook on solid mechanics. The material is presented at the intermediate level, and is tested by many years of well-received classroom instruction by both authors in their respective institutions.'
Yuri Bazilevs, Brown University

'A remarkable text covering a vast range of topics and problems in solid mechanics, this unique work provides clear and thorough coverage suitable for beginning students, advanced students and practitioners.'
David Steigmann, University of California, Berkeley



A concise yet comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of solid mechanics, including a wealth of solved examples, assigned exercises, and homework problems. It is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses on the topic across aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering, and materials science.





  • Covers both fundamental theory and applications
  • Concise yet comprehensive in its treatment
  • Includes numerous solved examples, assigned exercises, and homework problems, with a solutions manual available online