nedjelja, 15. maj 2022.

Poziv istraživačima za učešće na ljetnjoj školi u Belgiji

The modern research environment is far from perfect and while the reasons can be various. Today’s researchers, and especially early stage researchers, need individual support to thrive and make a change to science and society. The Erasmus+ funded project OEduverse is focused on providing training to shape your research agenda. We do so by focusing on the transversal areas of open science, mental health and science communication. Together with researchers and professional trainers from five European countries we designed an immersive training program to flip with the participants the training into a cross-domain, collaborative hackathon to reshape your research plan.


Together, in this five days Summer School, we will design with you and experts the environment for you to thrive in. The Summer School will be held 13-17 June 2022 as a face to face event. We will be with our trainers in Affligem, Belgium and offer our Summer School as a full week all-inclusive training event


Find all the event details, including the program and information about our trainers and the location on our OEduverse website here: OEduverse Summer School

Read a small recap of our last online Winter School Hackathon.


Participants can register here: -Register Now-

We offer an Early Bird rate for the all-inclusive event till the 17th of May 2022. 


Each ticket includes:

  • Full day participation in the 5 days summer hackathon
  • Single room accomodation in the beautifully renovated Affligem event location - a refurbished monastery - for 5 nights
  • Three meals per day in the historical location
  • Social events during the week
  • Daily chance to meet our trainers who stay with you in Affligem