ponedjeljak, 29. januar 2024.

Scholarships for German language courses in Bavaria 2024

Students and young academics of all disciplines with intermediate German proficiency (at least B1-level) from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine can apply for BAYHOST summer course scholarships. At the time of application students need to have completed at least two entire semesters at an institute of higher education and provide corresponding grades. Applicants must have the citizenship of one of the eligible countries.


The application deadline is March 21, 2024.Applications must be submitted exclusively via online form.


Further information on the application process and language courses can be found on our website and under the BAYHOST profile on facebook.



You can find a complete overview of BAYHOST programs for students and young researchers from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe in  online flyer.